How is a strong, united, and authoritative Afghanistan built?

Author: Yakub Yasna

After the reign of Abdul Rahman, a country called Afghanistan was formed. Even Abdul Rahman refers to present-day Afghanistan as Khorasan in his "Taj al-Tawarikh". Afghanistan in the time of Abdul Rahman, according to the Pashtuns, was powerful, because its symbol of power and authority was the massacre of sixty percent and the enslavement of the remaining forty percent of the Hazaras. In addition to killing Hazaras, he also used violence against Tajiks and Uzbeks. After Abdul Rahman, again in the Pashtun vision, ethnic governments can be strong if they are united and ruled by the same power as the ethnic power and oppression of Abdul Rahman.

When we get an armchair, we braggarts and we become so clumsy. We brag when a woman from the Hazara tribe (Oliya Azizi) is in prison and ... in anticipation of a general pardon from the "Emirulmuminin" of the Taliban *. A Hazara woman named Zeinab was shot dead by the Taliban in front of our eyes in Barchi. But Latif Nazari, a Hazara recently appointed by the Taliban as deputy economy ministry, says: “We are protecting the Taliban regime and suppressing the insurgency”.

There is a story from ancient times: a tree grew in someone's ass, and someone told him that a tree grew on your ass, and he said: it's okay when it grows, I'll sit in its shade. The words of Nazari can also be compared in the same story.

Service in government is the right of people to work. People have to work to earn a living and fulfill their responsibilities. So it is not good for an employee to brag. Lateef Nazari can do his job as an employee, but he must not show off, because he does not have the authority to do what he says.

The Taliban appointed Nazari to the position in order to later claim that a Hazara was working in their emirate. Rahmani, a former member of parliament, criticized his words and said that this is not within your mandate. He is right.

My question is what is a strong, strong, and united Afghanistan and how to achieve this?

Historical experience still shows that ethnocentric governments understand one thing under a powerful and united Afghanistan: the Hazaras, Uzbeks, and Tajiks must submit to and pay taxes to the Pashtuns. If the Hazaras, Uzbeks, and Tajiks were suppressed and had to remain silent, this is a united and strong Afghanistan.

In the past, a number of Tajiks, Hazaras, and Uzbeks, including Davud Naji, appointed as Moheb's adviser, have made the same claims that we want a strong and unified government. But the circle of Ghani used him and those like him for the purpose of their ethnic control. In any case, the sovereign and strong government of Naji came to an end, and the sovereign and strong government of Nazari began. I have only mentioned the importance of a strong and united Afghanistan. Naji, Nazari, and... let them say what they say. The mouths of the townspeople have no gates.

*Organization is under UN sanctions for terrorist activities






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