Discussing the issue of a federal system in Afghanistan is not a sin

Author: Ismail Furughi, analyst

We all know that the Taliban system is the ugly pinnacle of the centralized system. We have never needed to talk so much about a centralized and decentralized system as we do today. Now is the time to turn to the national discourse to define and choose the type of government, without discrimination and violence.

In my opinion, no discourse should be considered taboo or forbidden. Those who advocate a decentralized or federal system for Afghanistan should not be unashamedly called blasphemers.

- Until we impartially criticize our history full of suffering and mistakes, which took place under the shadow of centralized totalitarian systems;

- until we give up religious and ethnic superiority and totalitarianism;

- And until then we do not talk about the main factors of our misfortunes, our pain will continue.

It is only in the light of national discourse that the main factors of backwardness and centuries of conflict and the advantages of a decentralized system can be identified. It is impossible to deprive people of this right by force and threats so that they do not think about the main causes and factors of many years of disasters and wars, and do not discuss the main causes of shameful cultural and economic backwardness.

A decentralized system has never meant the collapse of the country. This depth of ignorance and ignorance of the advantages of various political structures and sheer stupidity lies in the fact that we consider the talk of a decentralized or federated system to be taboo and separatism.

There are very big and strong countries in our world such as the United States of America, the Russian Federation, the Federal Republic of Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and dozens of other countries that have a decentralized or federal system. None of these countries has yet collapsed.

In a word, if we do not have a national discourse and do not put the stamp of heresy on each other's foreheads, we will continue our destructive pains and torture ourselves with our own hands.

And if we do not have a national discourse, the extremist-centralist Taliban will lead Afghanistan to further weaken and even disintegrate at the will of foreigners.






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