Proposals in 15 paragraphs to get the Afghan National Resistance Front into real actions

Author: Dr. Yaqub Lais Saffar

1. When I was a political science student, geopolitical trends and thinking were part of my work. Today you know and have heard about the terms geostrategy, geoeconomics, geoculture, etc.

2. Today I want to create a new term for the field of political geography - "armed geopolitics" or "armed political geography".

3. It is possible to divide societies into two states based on the political philosophy of Thomas Hobbes: societies in the state of nature and societies in the civil state or social contract.

4. There are societies in the world today that, by the social contract, have reached a position that resolves their political problems through the constitution and democratic processes, which has led them to a state of political stability and development.

5. Afghanistan is a society that has shown over the past 20 years that the predominant ethnic group - the Pashtuns and their Pashtun leaders are not ready for a civil political life based on social contract and political law. They chose the path of falsification, suicide, and wars for the hegemony of Pashtunism and Pashtunwali (Pashtun code). Because when it comes to civil status and elections, they are doomed to lose the coalition of non-Pashtun ethnic groups. Their hegemony will be lost, hence they have turned the country into an "armed geopolitics".

6. “Armed geopolitics”, or “armed political geography”, is a situation in which political actors seek to seize power through the use of force and weapons, create a situation of “war of all against all” and weaken the enemy with the policy of “divide and rule” and establish their own group hegemony (party, religious, ethnic or economic).

7. Experience has shown that during Hekmatyar's wars against the Mujahideen government in Afghanistan, the situation of “armed political geography” prevailed, and then Pakistan turned the situation in favor of its hegemony by introducing new armed actors, namely the Taliban.

8. With the beginning of 1401 and the intensification of resistance to the Taliban and the formation of resistance fronts of Uzbeks, Hazaras, some Pashtun commanders, etc., a situation of "war of all against all” is again created and it is possible that resistance forces can fight each other.

9. The Resistance Front must establish the military strategy of Amir Sahib (Ahmadshah Massoud) - "from the mountain to the village and from the village to the city", and turn this strategy into a "permanent life" for Persian speakers. As a rule of its political life, it must not, in any way and under the influence of any national, regional, or global military force, accept disarmament.

10. One of the dangers posed by the strategy of "permanent armed life" is that the warlords will gain power. The solution is to implement Amir Sahib's "military-social strategy" in Panjshir and throughout the resistance territory during the resistance and before the formation of the government, and that only the villagers provide the fighting force and send the youth to the front. Commanders should not have power in their own village but should operate in foreign regions. Thus, the influence of warlords weakens at the village level.

11. A Persian-speaking "permanent armed life" is the basic necessity of the theory of “armed political geography” or “armed geopolitics”. In order to cover the economic costs of the "permanent armed life" strategy, I propose to use the strategy of the Persian-speaking people to preserve the institution of religion, namely the mosque and the school.

12. The people's strategy for protecting the institution of religion is designed in such a way that every married person is required to pay a certain amount of a membership fee set by the village council for the expenses of the mosque. The Front must determine the amount of the Front's membership fee according to the economic needs of each year and receive it from the married. This membership fee should be collected from all Persian speakers in rural and urban areas and should be collected with or without consent. Thus, in the usual case, the Front acquires military self-sufficiency.

13. The Front must identify Persian-speaking businessmen around the world and establish strong ties with them. Convince them to regularly pay a monthly or annual membership fee according to their capital. Thus, the "permanent armed life" of the Persian speakers will be guaranteed.

14. The front should announce that, for example, from every family with three or four sons, one should be sent to the front, and if he is not sent, he should pay the expenses of one of the armed soldiers guarding Persian civilization.

15. "Permanent armed life" step by step creates independent geography for the Persian civilization. She expands this geography step by step and lays the foundation for an independent territory of Persian civilization on this earth.

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