Will Mawlavi Mahdi become Mazari II?

Author: Yaqub Yasna, university professor, political analyst, member of the Sangar Advisory Board

NOTE FROM SANGAR: Abdulali Mazari was the sole leader of the Hizbi Wahdati Islami (Islamic Unity Party), a Hazara party founded in the 1990s by a merger of Afghanistan's seven Shia parties. However, after the assassination of Mazari by the Taliban (he was taken to Kabul under the pretext of negotiations and thrown out of a helicopter), the party split into two parts and is mentioned under the names of Mohammad Mohaqqiq and Karim Khalili.

Recently, Mawlavi Mahdi, a former Talib and head of the Taliban administration in the Balkhab district of Saripul province, appeared in the Afghan military-political arena and protested against the anti-Hazara and anti-Shia policies of the Islamic Emirate.


The Taliban lured the late Hazara leader Ustad Abdulali Mazari into negotiations and compromise. In addition, when he came to them, the Taliban treated him contrary to all moral, Islamic, and human norms.

The Taliban's policy towards the Hazaras is the same as that of Abdulrahman and Ghani. Ghani prevented Hazara youth from entering civilian and military universities by setting quotas and killed Hazara children in schools through suspicious and reconnaissance terrorist attacks. Therefore, any negotiation and compromise with the Taliban and ethnic governments will strengthen the history of ethnic oppression and extend its life to this oppression.

For the Taliban, tolerance and the interests of the Hazaras do not matter. If it mattered, they would apologize for what they did to Ustad Mazari, and let the Hazaras mark his birthday and death anniversaries according to the calendar. The Taliban did not allow honoring Ustad Mazari and smashed his statue.

By this introduction, in these circumstances, I want to make it clear that Mawlavi Mahdi can lead the Hazaras and turn Balkhab into one of the areas of resistance, into the “Hazara Panjshir”. However, the Pashtun Taliban leadership is resorting to various tricks and deceptions to catch and eliminate him.

Therefore, there is only one way forward for Mavlavi Mahdi - resistance. If he doesn't resist and leaves Balhab and goes to Kabul, the Taliban will capture him and kill him. The Taliban keep no word. If they had taken responsibility for their words, they would not have betrayed Ustad Mazari. So that Mawlavi Mahdi does not suffer his fate, he must learn and take an example from this story.

If Mawlawi Mahdi learns from this story of betrayal by the Taliban and becomes a defender of the political and civil rights of the Hazaras, he will soon take a leading place among them as the successor to Ustad Mazari. Because the Hazaras do not trust their former leaders, who from the outside cannot influence events inside Afghanistan. In a word, there are all conditions for Mavlavi Mahdi to become the leader of the Hazara community and the Second Mazari, but only with steadfastness and resistance.






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